Helen Cheng


  1. Casual Package
    $100 2 hour consultation on any game development related topic. Need a springboard for ideas? Want to brainstorm character concepts? Leave your consultation feeling assured of your direction, and armed with tasks & specific questions to answer. This entry level package is the perfect choice.
  2. Adept Package
    $500 Full playthrough of your game or feature. Complete, detailed, and thoughtful analysis with a minimum of 5 pages of written feedback. Hourly cap applies.
  3. Consulting Contract
    $60/hour Have a larger project or need a longer term arrangement? Consulting & contracting options are available. Writing, story development, mission design, character creation, puzzle design, project management, and more are my areas of expertise. Past clients include Haiku Games & Blizzard Entertainment.
  4. Publishing
    Interested in publishing your game with WeJoy? Please Contact Us to inquire for additional details.